Famous Tourist Places in India – State Wise


India is such a diverse country in terms of its culture, tastes, languages and many other aspects. Each of the regions, states and cities are so rich in their cultures that you fall in love with India. As they say, travelling in India is not just travel but it is an experience for life. Although we have some world famous monuments in the country, each of the states have their history and lifestyle. Here is a list of the most famous tourist places in India state wise.

  1. Andhra Pradesh: Being the hub of the Nizam culture, this state has a rich mix of royal heritage and natural beauty of rivers and hills. The capital city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad, which has a great mix of places to visit. To name a few, you can visit places like Birla Mandir, Ramoji Film City, Venkateshwara temple and Golkonda Fort. Also the rich and royal food of the city, the famous Biriyani is the most scrumptious meal you will ever have! This is definitely a go-to place in our list of famous tourist places in India state wise.
  2. Bihar: It was the hub for religion, culture and education a few hundred years ago when scholars from distant places visited the great universities, which were the biggest centres of knowledge in the whole of south Asia. The state has a beautiful blend of history of Buddhism and Hinduism and is rich in showcasing the Indian heritage. The famous places in Bihar are Bodh Gaya, Nalanda University ruins, Thai monastery and the Mahabodhi Temple. The capital city of Bihar is Patna and hosts some of the famous local foods like Sattu Paratha and Bihari kebabs that are just mouth watering!
  3. Delhi: Being India’s national capital, Delhi is a strange blend of so many cultures and strata of societies that will leave the travellers bewildered. Delhi is almost like a country in itself and travelling across the state will bring in such a mesmerizing effect that you will want to come back to it again. Forts, palaces, gardens and malls, you ask for it and Delhi has it for you. Variety of food and culture is definitely going to stump you over for it has been and will be the city/state of royals always!
  4. Goa: Beaches, adventure sports, light vibes and party scenes – that’s Goa for you, one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Every year, Goa is flocked by Indian and international tourists alike as its relaxed city vibes shout out ‘vacation’ to every visitor in the city. The amazing restaurants and night life in the city make it a must-visit destination for all the travel enthusiasts.

India is huge, diverse and so rich in culture that a traveller cannot resist revisiting this place every once in a while. With this list of the famous tourist places in India state wise, your travel planning is surely made easy!


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