Florida to Open a Cannabis College

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Cannabis University is going to be started inside Garcia Y Vega, West Tampa shortly. There was a cigar factory in Vega before and now it is going to be revamped as Cannabis College.

The building is about 131-year old and is the first factory in Florida to be dedicated to medical cannabis seeds education, said Jeremy Bufford, a spokesperson. The duration of the course hasn’t been finalized yet and most probably, it’ll be a one month course, which will give deep insight into pharmacological, botanical, legal, and historical perspective.

It is going to be started very soon, if the amendment is certified by the voters of Florida. Apart from the courses, the facility is going to hire lab technicians, security officers, botanists, researchers, cultivators, and more.

Rachelle Roach holds master degree in nutrition going to be in the very first class. Talking about the college launch, Rachelle said that marijuana is a medical plant, which has a lot of nutrients and healing properties. The historical values of this plant are quite amazing, said Rachelle.

The medical use of cannabis is quite known in today’s world. The medical cannabis industry in the current era is definitely life changing. It is not only going to be helpful and effective for the patients, but also would boost the economy in some way, said Bufford.  

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In few places, voting on marijuana use has taken place already and Florida is still ten months away, though the drive toward making cannabis available through prescription is by now white hot. Rachelle said that the marijuana industry will be main-stream in the next five to ten years and if everything goes as per plan, medical cannabis will be distributed by early 2015.

Many marijuana users will be submitting application forms to get enrolled in the alleged, reputable ‘Cannabis College’ in Florida to study cannabis 101 and get help with medical issues. It wasn’t long ago when cannabis was legalized, there was a hot debate going on between non-users, consumers, and lawmakers. After voting and debating for many years, it was legalized in some states. Consumers believe that marijuana herb or plant has healing properties, which can relieve pain and treat illness.

Non-users and some lawmakers portrayed it as a drug, which could lead to negative effects and health problems. However, it looks like Florida is more interested in offering higher education in the study of medical cannabis.


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