Interesting Study for Medical Marijuana Users on B.C Court Challenge


Recently, two of the B.C men announced that a challenge, which is constitutional against the fed laws, was being launched. The law deems medical cannabis to be illegal. The challenge is related to the violation of rights, which include the liberty, life, and security of the resident patients that denies access to reliable products, which are sold by dispensaries of cannabis. The dispensaries in Canada vary in the organizational structure that they have and also the size across the country. They are the best places to provide medical cannabis products to individuals who have been diagnosed with certain medical situations, which require medicinal marijuana.

Supreme Court Verdict Yet to Come Out

Even though the Supreme Court has not yet ordered the Health Canada program to offer medicinal marijuana in 2001, the dispensaries provided care to patients, some kind of knowledge about how medication with cannabis can be achieved. The new marijuana-related regulations, which are expected in April, are likely to dump the dispensary model, which thereby would prevent patients’ access to individual care and network of patients.

Restrictions in the New Regulations

The new regulations don’t allow for pickup from onsite and offer mail or courier delivery only and also did not allow the cannabis related products to be sold to the relevant patients, which were the two critical or important services provided by Canadian dispensaries. The court case is important because MMPR would result in the beginning of the intense effort of police in closing most of the dispensaries in Canada. It is interesting to note that these dispensaries have existed for over a decade in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

The old regulations, which are currently being deprecated, called for fulfillment of supply related to cannabis, which was brought forward by Health Canada’s supply. The dispensaries provided one-on-one orientations and also access to multiple types of cannabis strains. Some also provide extracts like tinctures, hashish, oils, and other foods. The new regulations call for dried cannabis seeds, which would be sold to patients only through producers that have valid distribution licenses.

The patients are not provided any kind of alternative options for dose administration and most importantly it also denies the patient the power to modify or customize their treatment choices, including alternative to smoking.

Currently, some are arguing that the cannabis dispensaries are one of the most successful outcomes of the reform movement in Canada, and they’ll continue to transform the medical field over the forthcoming months.

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