Prevention of Chronic Diseases With Diet and Nutrition


In a recently published study conducted by the acclaimed WHO Study Group of Canada, the results continually pointed back to the importance of diet and nutrition in the fight against ongoing and chronic diseases. After a year of testing and research including a control group and a placebo-mandated group, the association found that there are direct and irrevocable links between dieting, nutrition, and chronic diseases.

Hope Through Healthier Lifestyles

The prevention of diseases that is persistent and popular with the citizens of the United States as well as Canada, show that through a healthy lifestyle there is hope. There is a combined positive affect from those that watch what they eat and the downward cycle of diseases such as myocardial infarction and stomach ulcers.

Diet Factor

The study recognized and labeled at least a dozen core reasons for individuals that suffer one or more form of the chronic diseases listed above. The diet factor as long as this regiment was linked with a proper nutritional backing showed massive improvements across the board for those that looked after their bodies.

USA & Canadian Problems

Dietary and lifestyle choices are very bad in the United States with Canada fairing slightly healthier on aspects such as nutrition derived from fruits and vegetables. When combined with a regular exercise program the study demonstrated a spike in health and a lowering of cases of chronic disease.

Attention and Focus on Health

The prevention of chronic diseases through dieting and nutrition has grabbed many research institution’s attention throughout not only North America but also the world. As food sources and sustenance farming practices improve so goes the health and nutritional intake of a greener, leaner planet. It has been shown that during the past decade, from 200-2010, the number of people suffering from obesity and heart disease has climbed higher but slower than the previous decade.

Genetically Predisposed Heart Conditions

The conclusion of this study by WHO demands that if people who considering themselves likely candidates for genetically predisposed heart conditions and other chronic diseases, would eat healthier that the rates would drop even lower throughout the next decade. The importance of eating nutritiously has always been a fact and not surprising when a research study demonstrates the connectiveness of diet and nutrition to chronic diseases. The prevention of chronic diseases through better eating and healthier lifestyle habits will be center stage as the North American continent starts to get back into shape.

Diet Resources

Forrest Lee is a content coordinator for leading health and dieting related websites that offer information and links to the detox diet [] and other related resources. Find out what to look for in the master cleanse [] and other lemon-based diet and colon-cleansing products. Eating right and being physically active aren’t just a diet or program, they are keys to a healthy lifestyle. With healthful habits, you may reduce your risk of many chronic diseases and increase your chances for a longer life.


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