Who is the Winner of Best Movie of the Year?


Are you a start up or existing small business owner who is looking for new ways to grow or market your business; to capture the attention of potential customers?

• Are you making contact with those all important potential leads?
• Are you holding positive business meetings?
• Are you creating business opportunities?
• Are you making money?

Inspiration for this article came about from a recent conversation at a networking event. It transpired that networking really is your “behind the scenes one stop shop” for all your business needs! And it’s about how networking can be a HUGE help toward achieving positive outcomes to the above four questions.

Cue – Lights, Camera, Action…

You are the director of your own movie (business). Consider what you need as director to make your movie happen:

• a producer to help manage the costs
• make up artists and costume designers to make the actors look the part
• actors to inspire and entertain
• camera and lighting crew to bring the show to life
• technicians, caterers, suppliers and more to support and keep the process moving

And what does this have to do with networking? Networking is just like being in a movie. It provides you with access to a whole range of experienced professional people who are experts in their own field. For you as a director this is an untapped resource to help you in many different ways; to grow your business, develop yourself, and take your business to a new level.

Generally speaking a small business is run by one individual. Is it humanly possible to be director, producer, actor etc – all in one? Or rather, is it sensible or healthy to think that you can do it all by yourself? Networking brings together all manner of positive link building opportunities. After all it’s all about making connections and building relationships.

Use networking as your opportunity to bring together the best associates to progress your business. Then you can go on to direct and win “Best Movie of the Year”.

Shoot for the stars and watch your customers racing to be on your red carpet!


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